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10 differences: Photo booths and the Selfie Wizard

Your wedding is on the horizon and it’s time to think about entertainment. Hmmm, here’s a question: do I go for a photo booth or a selfie wizard? Let’s take a look at the top 10 differences between the two and the benefits the selfie wizard has over conventional photo media available on the market.

Selfie Wizard vs photo booth

  1. Minimal space required for our equipment.
  2. The Selfie Wizard can be accessed anywhere within 20m of the TV screen.  
  3. No queuing at a photo booth is required.
  4. It can be accessed 100% of the time by 100% of your guests via their own phone.
  5. It has its own built-in Wifi system so no poor signal issues like many venues within Cornwall. 
  6. No need to use hashtags and let’s face it not everyone wants their photographs shared on social media. 
  7. All images are saved on a USB and given to the host at the end of the event, becomes a convenient all in storage solution.
  8. Extremely versatile and with the option of supplied photo props and backdrop, you can also use the Selfie Wizard as a conventional photo booth so very useful, efficient and cost-effective photo media solution for every occasion. 
  9. Capture memories for the whole event and not just those within a conventional booth or magic mirror.  
  10. Very cost-effective starting from £250 for our digital-only service, with the option to add the printing facility with a personalised custom overlay.
Selfie Wizard wedding photography
Selfie wizard option with the print out.

More about the Selfie Wizard

Take a look at the promo video for the Selfie Wizard for a brief overview and to see the differences from a photo booth for yourself:

Note that our Selfie Wizard can be used as part of DJ Services Cornwall’s packages to give you the Ultimate Wedding Party experience.

To find out more about how to have a selfie wizard as part of your wedding entertainment follow the button below: